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Net Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB)

Net Zero Energy Buildings are highly energy efficient buildings  that use renewable energy to produce at least as much energy as they consume over the course of a year. The strategy to achieving net zero energy is to begin with a highly-insulated, well-sealed building envelope. Highly energy efficient heating and cooling systems, lighting and appliances are then incorporated creating a net zero energy ready building with over 80% reduction in annual energy consumption compared to conventional buildings. The remaining energy required will be generated by renewable energies (PV systems, solar hot water/air systems). Net zero energy buildings are connected to the electrical grid with a metering arrangement, so that power can flow either to or from the building  depending on its energy consumption and production levels. Over the past two years Unity has participated with a team of architects and thermal engineers to develop and implement special modules into some of the largest BIPV/Net Zero Energy Buildings   in Canada. The key to successful implementation of New Built Net Zero Energy Buildings is close cooperation with the architects and the builders involved in the early stages of design.


Unity is also working very closely with Green House construction industry in order to lower the energy consumption of green houses. The approach is geared towards creating highly energy efficient sustainable communities.


Proect: Grid-tied, Single-Family detached house  Location: Whistler ,BC
Living area: :269 sq ft
Type : BIPV/Thermal –NZEH
PV power : 6 KW
Architect/Builder: RDC Fine Homes
PV Module Supplier: SunTech/Solarity
Heat Recovery System design::Ralf Kinnis
Consultant :Unity Integration Corporation
Note: The first all electric net zero Energy House . Ready to move in Feb 2009