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Building Integrated PV (BIPV)

With the falling PV module prices and the increasing availability of thin film photovoltaic modules, interest in the building integration of photovoltaics,(BIPV)  where the PV elements actually become an integral part of the building, often serving as the exterior weather skin, is growing worldwide. BIPV is normally designed and built together with the design and construction of the building and as such it requires cooperation of many different experts, such as architects, builders   and PV system designers. Depending on how and where BIPV systems are built whether into the façade or in the roof, the following BIPV systems are recognized:



Project: Grid-tied, Single-Family detached ,site-built house  Location: Hudson, QC.
Building type : BIPV/Thermal -NZEH
Architect & Builder  :Sevag Pogharian Design
PV Module Design : Day4Energy/Unity Integration