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Intelligent Lighting

One of the recent projects undertaken by Unity as ODM has been the development of an Intelligent LED lighting system for commercial and industrial Buildings. The project was financed partly by a new start up company “Inteluma Energy Systems” and partly by NRC/IRAP. It involved the build up of an eight man engineering team from various disciplines, defining and managing software and hardware products to be developed, working in close relationship with two university teams of researchers, preparing and submitting a number of funding proposals to various government agencies, and the deployment of two large scale pilot projects. The primary focus of the product development was on wireless sensor networks & cloud based multi- location monitoring and control back end with highly user friendly interface for building managers sign in. The LED intelligent lighting system developed by Unity Integration Corporation has been featured in the September/ October issue of the Electrical Line Magazine entitled “Networked Intelligent Systems For The LED Lighting Industry”

and in an interview with the Automated Building Magazine entitled ” LED Intelligent Lighting” in December 2013.

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